Privacy Policy

At, any information about you can only be collected if you submit comments or if you send me an email. This includes the use of the contact form that’s also provided. The information that is generally requested (but not required) from you in both cases is:
1. Your (first) name –> so I know who to address you by
2. Your email address –> so I can contact you back
3. Your site URL –> which may also be a way for me to contact you back, but this is really ‘extra’ information for me to know a little more about you.

If you are wary and do not wish to disclose any such information to me, then are you free to remain as ‘anonymous’ when you submit comments and/or emails. Please keep in mind, however, that IP addresses are always collected if you submit a comment or use the contact form, for precautionary measures. It would only be used if IP banning was necessary.

I do not collect your information for any statistics, or resell them to others.

Copyright and Disclaimer

This site is copyrighted to Gayle. My rights, former crews’ rights, and contributors’ rights, are reserved, unless otherwise stated.

Have you looked over this site, and spot any material that belongs to you, and would like it removed from here? If so, then please go to the contact form and let me know of your request. Thank you.